Thursday, May 13, 2010

Elder Smith's Mish

Elder Ludlow was transferred to Lake Placid.  Now it is up to Elder Smith to lead out in Oneonta with his new Companion Elder Kunzler. By the serious expressions on their faces either the dog bite just happened or the guy taking the photo is unnoticed by the two! 
Here, is the mentioned dog bite.  

Elder Mckay called on Mother's Day which was a treat.  We put him on speaker phone.  He is in the town of Oneonta.  No baptisms yet, but alot of personal growth.  He had a dandy dog bite from 3 ft Great Dane.  It required stitches, but a ward member MD Dr. Johnson was able to remove them at a dinner appointment Uh....."past the salt and will you hand me the suture removers?"  
 They rather befriended the the dogs ( 2 of them) walking TO the appointment, so on the way back they acted as if the now 3 dogs were not a problem, and kept walking.  He couldn't stop laughing while recalling the story and said him and his companion Elder Ludlow couldn't stop laughing at the E.R. 
Reminds me of the African Elders being chased by lions the the stouter slower running Elder about to be over taken by the lion, knelt and said a quick prayer "Heavenly Father please convert this lion!"  Then kept his eyes closed for the expected pounce.  When he opened them he found the lion praying! "Please bless this food for which I am about to partake!"

Marching Band

Kate is healing with some snazzy bruising.  She started Marching Band rehearsal yesterday with her boot but no crutches.   She received an award for Outstanding Marching Band member in her Symphonic Band at the Concert the other night.  It was a nice surprise. (yes, all the photo booth pics are backwards! You think with the number of computer geek sons in the home we can figure it out :)  )