Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sarah's History

That's me in Kindergarten. My mom had this 'bun' thing that year. Mrs McCallister was my teacher. I remember she fell in class and broke her leg. I also remember her throwing my art project in the trash when I didn't follow the directions. We had snacks in those days and laid on towel for naps. I threw up in class and had to walk home. I wanted to stay at school, but they made me go.

My dad passed away young at 57. I was expecting Aaron my oldest. I got the news while at Aaron's baby shower May 15th. Aaron was born 1 month later. Aaron and Katelyn whistle. You know that sound you can get blowing out your pucker. My dad had the most beautiful penetrating whistle. "When the Saints Go Marching In" is my fondest memory. My memory of his whistle comes through when I here my kids whistle. Oft times they are whistling a tune while working, doing homework and once even through family prayer!(Aaron) This feels like a trait passed down from someone my children never met.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sarah's Hx- (Hx is 'history' in the medical field)

My birth mother (car) My father(below snow picture)

There's also Rx, Px, Dx, Tx, and Fx, oh and ABX. Most people know the first one Rx as 'Prescription' Have fun guessing the others.

I am under one year old here. (Yes! The Sir Winston Churchill looking baby. If you don't believe me click on the photo to enlarge the picture)

By the look of gloom upon us it reminds me that our mother passed away when I was 3 months old and this must have been with in 6 months of that tragic event. Julia, the oldest girl on the far right (she is holding me) died on June 29th 1978 the day I went through the SL Temple for my endowments. She was 29, had four young children. She died from complications of a topical pregnancy. David lives in Winters, Calif. Retired Correctional officer, Sharon and Hubby David run a Golf Course in N.C. Their son is or was a pro tour golfer. And they have a married daughter Sarah. Margie and Mount live in Elyjay, Georgia in a cool cabin home they built in the sticks... last I heard. She and I used to play 'Dungeon Girls' along with our younger siblings from my dad's' second marriage
. We always got rescued by the handsome Guard dudes.

Here, Julia and David have flown the coop leaving Margie, Me (Sarah) Sharon, then the next family with my Dad and new wife Jane,( the only mother I ever knew). Thomas is middle center, then left to right Timothy, then his older twin Kimberly (four minutes older!) and then Torri Lee, LaCresha our little baby sister came later when I was 15th- ish. Torri was eleven and no longer the baby of the family. She recovered. So that makes 7 girls and 3 boys.

My dad Louie Millard Poteat and my birth mother Shiley Louise Wirsch or Wallace. with first born, Julia.
My oldest girl Mary reminds me of my mother in looks and gesture. See what you think.

What was is even more amazing, is our discovery of where my McKay got his sudden crop of curly hair when he hit puberty! The very same year an Aunt sends me some never seen before photos of my birth mom's childhood. We were in stitches over the resemblance. Jared had to emphasize it by superimposing McKay's head near his Grandma' face. McKay is known for a very wide, infectious grin. This is where it comes from.......and we thought is was the braces.

My mom about age 14.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Photography by Sarah

Beginning of Fall 2010 somewhere up Sqaw Peak road!

"This is the end of the Road" Literally it is for the public. I am hanging over a barricade to shoot this picture at where the road ends at South Fork, Vivian Park, off Provo Canyon Highway. See 'Table of contents' for more photos.

Recent happenings about my past

I just recently hooked up with a friend from the past. His name is Scott. Well, I use to kinda be a motorbike mamma in my exaggerate a bit. But that is what my new found religion did in our Vacaville ward. Anyway, after a 34 year absence, my friend Scott and his wonderful wife Cara came over to visit and we had some good catching up time. It was fun! Here is the bike all the girls swooned to get a ride on. This is Scott and Willey.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mc Kay makes it to New York.
He Arrived on Feb. 16th. Here with Mission President Kevin Bullock and wife. He is doing great.

McKay to serve in the Utica New York Mission.

'Shaking elbows' only! for the Sisters

Kate and McKay moments before
the curbside dropoff a
t the MTC